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Justitia Omnibus

by Kimberly Freeman

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I'm donating 100% of streaming royalties for Justitia Omnibus to Color Of Change and NAACP Legal Defense Fund. You can pitch in by streaming and downloading at the following links:


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In memory of the victims of police brutality.

“Justitia Omnibus” is the Latin motto of the District of Columbia meaning, “Justice for All”. This is a broken promise. Empty words from empty leaders sworn to uphold justice, protect and serve all of the people. Justice for all is exactly what Black people have been asking for. No surprise that citizens demanding equality en masse are being met with even more violence. The images of abuse coming out of DC and across the country are unacceptable. It’s time for our leaders and public servants to live up their own mottos.

Please don’t pay me for the song. Instead, please go to & either take an action there, or donate to #BlackLivesMatter. I also urge you to discover, share and support Black artists in your community.

#BlackLivesMatter. If you don’t agree with this 100%, please evaluate yourself and know that it’s not too late to change your heart for the better.


Non progredi est regredi
(To not go forward is to go backward)

Justitia omnibus
(Justice for all)

In memoriam
(In memory of)

Invictus maneo
(I remain unvanquished)


released June 5, 2020
Written and Performed by Kimberly Freeman
(Vocals, modular synth, drum machine)

Produced by Jason Rufuss Sewell

Executive Producer: Jason Coombs


all rights reserved


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